Buyin opportunity – Security technology solution

Buyin opportunity – Security technology solution

This company handles a security technology solution, and its intellectual property rights, which addresses security weaknesses in ISO / intermodal freight containers.

This technology provides a fully trackable locking device which secures the doors on shipping containers. The device is easy to use and quick to fit, and can be removed when necessary, e.g. for customs checks.

Customer usage statistics have proven the product to act as a significant deterrent to thefts, as it enables the point of theft to be identified – this usually is undetectable as custody of shipments changes many times as the shipment passes through the transport chain.

The device can be tracked in real time and it can send alerts if any incident occurs. This allows a pro-active stance on shipment security to be taken and a comprehensive electronic audit trail is produced.

The sales model comprises an upfront fee for each unit, plus an on-going monthly fee for access to the online tracking platform. The cost of this to the customer is negligible in comparison to overall shipping and transportation costs.

Funds required in the region of £150,000 to invest.