Your business is for sale but you’ve not had any serious interest from trade or private equity.

You still wish to sell and perhaps retire but you’re not sure who will buy the business.

Why not consider a Management Buy-in (MBI) as an alternative.

Auxilium works exclusively with buyers to enable private company owners to sell their business.

A management buyin involves a private buyer purchasing all or part of the current owner’s share capital.

If you are “paternalistic” business owner, then an MBI transaction can be a very effective way of securing your legacy for the future.

MBIs can enable an owner to depart on a phased basis, which means that it is an effective way of overcoming some of the common issues such as:

  • warranties often associated with the departure of a key shareholder
  • alleviating funding “roadblocks” if the owner is prepared to accept deferred terms for the repayment of some of their sale proceeds
  • you wish to sell only a part of your shareholding and remain involved (possibly in a Non Exec Chair capacity)
  • you are not ready to retire fully but wish to remain involved part time

We have a solution………

Our MBI service assists over 50 buyers across the UK, from all sectors who could be interested in buying your business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Paul Griffiths –  Managing Director – on 07802 716996 if you would like to discuss MBIs in more detail or if you feel that your business could be a realistic prospect for an MBI.