We have started to offer our deal origination services via a web portal from our sister company, Valius Group.

Take a look at www.valiusgroup.co.uk 

The portal summarises over 500 businesses for sale and the service is charged for as a membership model, on a monthly/annual basis.

There is also a FREE to use model where you can see details of all deals available, by sector, ebitda, turnover and location.

The portal offers direct access to businesses covering diverse sectors across the UK. You can search the portal based on your own bespoke parameters covering turnover/ebitda/location/sector, with the ability to save the search results to your own secure Dashboard area within the portal.

There is also a set of over 50 educational and insightful articles in a Knowledge Hub, which is particularly helpful for private buyers who are new to the idea of buying a business and need a greater amount of initial support and input.

For further info on the Valius deal origination portal, please contact support@valiusgroup.co.uk or call one of it’s founding Directors, Paul Griffiths on 07802 716996 for an informal chat.