New ways of working with buyers

New ways of working with buyers

From early Summer 2020, we have begun to offer a new “deal origination only” service for buyers who have their own advisers in tow or those who wish to “test the market” in terms of generating relevant deal flow. This is our “Broker” service.

We also have two other service levels:

“BrokerPlus” service – this allows buyers to get to formal heads of terms and includes specific input from our Corporate Finance Director, Steve Robinson in constructing a formal Heads of Terms document which will be presented to the seller’s advisers.

“Full transaction support” – our full blown corporate finance service operated on an hourly rate basis which can take you all the way from deal origination to deal completion. This is charged on a percentage basis but hours expended are charged along the way and then those fees paid are deducted off the fee at completion.

A specific quote for the typical time to be incurred on a given project can be requested at any time. Blocks of time can be purchased up-front and also, stage payments can be agreed.

We continue to aim to offer a very flexible and competitive fee structure for any buyer looking to effect the purchase of a UK based SME business.

The respective fee rates for each of these services can be discussed in a  telephone or zoom call, as appropriate.