Buyin opportunity – Plastic injection moulding

Buyin opportunity – plastic injection moulding

Location: North East England

  • The Company, based in the North East of England, has established a strong reputation within its market.
  • A well-established, profitable business with strong client relationships, which have been in place for a number of years.
  • A strong senior management team beneath the shareholders, with years of experience within the industry who are committed to staying with the business long term.
  • The Company has supply agreements with its largest clients, giving a high degree of certainty over the majority of forecast revenues.
  • The Company continually invests in state of the art machinery and has recently purchased new moulding machines which will drive improvements in cost efficiencies.
  • Located in the North East of England, the Company is located near to a key hub for the automotive industry in the UK.
  • The Company has the opportunity to expand into a vacant unit adjacent to its current manufacturing plant, increasing its factory space by c.43%.
  • The Company is well positioned to diversify into new sectors such as Healthcare and Aerospace, utilising its state of the art injection moulding machinery.
  • New car launches for its top clients are expected in the coming years which the Company will benefit from.
  • The Company delivered Revenue, Gross Profit and an Adjusted EBITDA of c.£3.9m, c.£1.3m and c.£0.4m respectively, during FY17.
  • The Company is forecasting Revenue, Gross Profit and an Adjusted EBITDA of c.£4.3m, c.£1.3m and c.£0.4m respectively in FY18.
  • The current owners have achieved their original objective of building a successful and sustainable business and now wish to hand over the business to a strategic partner who has the resources and experience required to take advantage of its market position and the growth opportunity the business presents.