Did you join a private company with a view to an MBO ?

Attention Managing Directors / General Managers / Operations Directors / Sales and Marketing Directors

Did you join a private company on the promise of future management buyout ?

We have already had a number of conversations in 2019 with Directors who joined a privately owned business with a view to helping the owners to grow sales and customers / enter new markets / sort out the supply chain / get the finances in order, etc but once this primary task had been completed, the carrot of a buyout has been left dangling out of reach. Often, the owners will have an over-inflated idea of the value of their business which in itself becomes a major stumbling block to progressing a buyout.

Auxilium’s message to you is “Don’t let the owners dictate the terms of the deal and ultimately, your destiny. Take control of it yourself!” Let Auxilium work with you on a proactive basis to search for a business you can buy on sensible terms. Our buy-side corporate finance service enables you to find, fund and transact on a private company purchase. Our sweet spot is on retirement sales under £5m deal value. If you’re considering purchasing a business in this space in 2019, contact us on 0161 449 5767 to focus your search.

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